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Poker Setup & Timer: Texas Hold'em *Free*

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Giochi Intrattenimento Carte Casinò
Sviluppatore B.C. Apps

Poker: Setup & Timer is designed for the card game -Texas Holdem-
If you are the host of a poker game this is the App for you! How many chips, How long, and When to take a break? ... is now just 3 easy steps. You wont find this app anywhere on the market! B.C. Apps has built it from the ground up! We wanted to take the hassle of being host out the equation, and let you spend more time taking in the enjoyment!

**Note this is NOT a poker game**
So what is it?
This app tells you how to setup for hosting a Texas Holdem Poker game in 3 EASY Steps!!!

-> # of Players
-> Time you want to play (estimated)
-> Chips you have to play with
Done! You are now ready to host the poker game.

B.C. Apps has designed it from the ground up. We started with a piece of paper and ultimately processed it into the great app you now hold in your hand. We took what makes a great poker game and aimed to hit that mark every time!

Game Info:
- Enter # of Players 2-50
- Enter # of Re-Buys 2-50
- Total tournament time 1hr 30min -> 10hrs
> while this is an estimation, we believe weve created an atmosphere that it will be VERY close.
- Breaks
- Color-Ups (to reduce low chips towards end of tournament)

Chip Scheme:
- Enter the chips you have to play with, up to 1999 for each chip!
- Placed into a color scheme that is most often used
(using different chip colors will not negatively effect any game times)

Game Setup:
- Review the game we have setup for you
- Divide out the chips for each set needed
- Each color chip has the number of that chip that will go into each set
- Review the Rounds, Time, Small/Big blinds, and Breaks/Color-ups

Display Mode:
- Here you can control your game
- See the round/break times
- A switch is available to have the clock continue to run, or stop after each round.
- Portrait shows all the next rounds
- Landscape is designed for Displaying for everyone to see the Round, Blinds, Next Blinds, and Time!
** AirPlay with apple TV is a Great way to display for everyone! **

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-The information within this application is the sole property of B.C. Apps and may not be used in any other shape or form without the permission of B.C. Apps-